About This Site

Mission statement

To provide a bridge between numerous standard Anesthesiology textbooks and review course materials in a clear, concise, easy to use format that is compatible with the busy work life of an Anesthesiology learner.

Target Learners

  • Anesthesiology residents of ALL levels
  • Fellows in Anesthesiology in the process of completing boards certification
  • Anesthesiologists coming up for re-certification
  • Nurse Anesthesia students

How to use the materials

This should be an adjunct to your main source of reading. This will not replace any textbook and is not meant to do so. It will, however, help you efficiently review specific concepts in the vast knowledge base of Anesthesiology. Once you register,

There are 2 pathways to choose from

  1. Time: One can opt to read material based on the amount of time they have available or by category. The time option lets the user chose between intervals of 15 minutes and 30 minutes. The 15-minute time option will allow the user to complete about 12 slides and the 30-minute option will allow about 25 slides
  2. No Limits: a good way to revise the entire set of materials.

In all chosen pathways, the slides are randomized each time that you open the deck and the program keeps track of the slides that you have viewed for that session.

The scope of the material is to provide a way of efficiently reviewing key topics from the point of view of the written examination. The materials have been referenced to standard Anesthesiology and critical care textbooks and are sited below each topic. A genuine effort has been made to verify all the facts but please cross check facts if you have any concerns whatsoever.

How Learning Curve got started

Passing the Anesthesiology Boards is a cardinal event in the time course of an Anesthesiology resident's professional career.

This resource was originally developed as an aid to help Anesthesiology residents better manage their reading portfolios and help focus study efforts before the Anesthesiology boards. After several requests from residents from both my own residency program and beyond, this seemed like the reasonable next step in making desired resources available to a wider audience.

One of my intentions was to make the material widely available without significant financial limitations. This website is the result of this endeavor.

Good luck on the Written Boards!

Site Credit

Dr Avinash B Kumar MD, FCCP

Assistant Professor Anesthesiology & Critical Care
University of Iowa

Dedicated To:

  • HAB Kumar, Vani Kumar, Preeti Kumar and Aayush for your unconditional support and encouragement over the years.
  • Prof MV Govindappa FRCP: my personal inspiration to be a better physician and teacher

Dr. Kumar's web project The 10th Hour Anesthesiology project is funded by an unrestricted grant from Innovate LLC.