User Reviews

  1. "Good so far" -Andrew J.
  2. "Well done review" -Chris B.
  3. "I would like more information on your course. Can you get back to me ASAP? Thank you." -Louis B.
  4. "THANK YOU for providing such a useful and time-saving resource with your 10th Hour Anesthesia Review website. It's perfect for someone like me. I'll pass the word on, if that's ok with you." -Matt O.
  5. "Is there a way to get a hard-copy of these revision cards? Many thanks." -Tom L.
  6. "I would like to identify slides to review later. Is this possible?" -Gary G.
  7. "It would be ideal to be able to review your slides by topic (in addition to random order) Great slides." -Sarah D.
  8. "Great website. I'm a fourth yr student very interested in Anesthesia and open to learning in many ways." -Erwin C.
  9. "This is really a great site! Thanks so much!" -Dawn S.
  10. "Thank you so much for this web site. Excellent." -Kiang Z.
  11. "Wow!! Thanks for such a great review product." -Deb M.
  12. "First time using site and I have to say I am impressed. Good quick review, keeps things fresh, esp after hours spent reading text! Kudos." -Chris B.
  13. "Excellent resource. I hope you continue to expand its content." -Jeff N.
  14. "MORE MORE." -Jonathan H.
  15. "Great!!!! Congrats!!!" -Marcos R.
  16. "Create an iPod application with the same slides." -Ken S.
  17. "Excellent review! It would be even greater if there were more slides of course." -Ken S.
  18. "I feel it would be an advantage and more effect if you could pick which category the 15 min or 30 min review drew slides from. Eg, I just reviewed pharmacology & it would be helpful to further drill it in to review what you highlight as important as opposed to going over new material mixed in with it." -Nadia J.
  19. "Why not cardiac anesthesia as a topic in menu like neuro and also give access there through a link." -LN M.
  20. "Thanks, it is very helpful." -Raymond E.
  21. "Excellent idea. You should have a function that allows you to review a specific topic. Also, there should be a way to tell the program which slides you don't need to see again if you already know that topic well... the way you can tell Pandora online radio what music you wnat to hear or not." -Janine C.
  22. "A very nice resource...Thank you! You might want to add prilocaine/benzocaine to the list of methemoglobinemia triggers." -Paul M.
  23. "Interesting. Definitely more of a last minute review than an early study guide. High yield info boiled down." -Kjell R.
  24. "Globally, I love this. Excellent idea, excellent presentation, nice content. I would have someone review all your "slides" for typos (I found a few in the 15 min review I did). I would also add a way for people to focus which topics they are being taught...say you are weak in cardiac then they could have a 15 min review in that topic only.?? I would also subdivide the topics a bit more, perhaps into basic and advanced. This could be a good tool for people who are doing fellowships as well, with much harder topics at the fellowship level? Overall, this is very nice, very impressive." -Chris S.